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Many First Nations undertake up to 75% of their Health and Social Services work with participant-based activities. One of the challenges has been the lack of an effective tracking system for these activities. As a result, many First Nations are likely under-reporting the frequency of activities and participant count to our leadership and funders. Funders are increasing expectations for reporting.

PathDMS is the most affordable solution of its kind on the market today. It is the only one designed specifically for First Nation Health and Social Service participant based program reporting.  Implementing the system will more effectively capture project activities and significantly reduce time spent on reporting including on the Health Canada Community Based Reporting Template (CBRT).

1. Prepare Activity Plans based on annual objectives and CHP which automatically updates an Event Calendar viewed by all and is emailed directly to supervisors for approval.









2. Upload resource documents and website links.

3. Maintain contacts list.






4. Manager revises and/or indicates approval.



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