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Path DMS is brought to you by Williams Consulting, a First Nations Consulting firm.

Williams Consulting is a First Nation family-owned business specializing in Research, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Training, Program Development, and Assessment/Evaluation.
For 25 years, the company has worked primarily with First Nation and Métis people. Williams Consulting has an extensive record of conducting qualitative and quantitative research initiatives. In addition, they conduct needs assessments, review and evaluate programs and policies, and support organizational development. Williams Consulting designs and delivers culturally relevant workshops, facilitates stakeholder consultations, and guides conflict resolution.

Williams Consulting works closely with Federal, Provincial and First Nation government clients on a number of assignments, including program evaluation, organizational review, human resources, policy review, environmental scanning, quantitative and qualitative database development, public and multistakeholder consultation, training, and research. Clients have included Health Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, Canadian Heritage, Chiefs of Ontario and Provincial Territorial Organizations. In addition, the company works with individual First Nations, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and the University of Ulster among others in undertaking program development, feasibility studies, education and awareness.

Team members have experience with many First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities in urban, rural and remote areas. Williams Consulting’s knowledge of First Nation worldviews and their practical experience in First Nations communities across Canada, has proved a valuable asset in the design and implementation of the many projects and studies in which we participate. The company provides analysis and report writing based on current accountability frameworks while integrating culturally relevant indicators. In particular, Williams Consulting is known for our work with community members on sensitive issues using Indigenous paradigms as well as respect for First Nation community experiences and protocols.

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